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Statechart Integration & Customization

Statecharts are useful in many application domains. If you are seeking specialized statechart based modeling solutions, then you can make use of Yakindu Domain Specific Statecharts. Domain specific statecharts are tailored to a specific purpose and may feature specific dialects or integration with other kinds of models. This approach helps to leverage the level of expressiveness and consistency from a modelers point of view. If this matches your needs, then simply reuse Yakindu Statechart Tools! Yakindu Statechart Tools is not only a powerful end user modeling tool but also a software development kit (SDK) to integrate and build specialized statecharts. Here are some examples.

Requirements Engineering

pageflow Yakindu Requirements makes use of statecharts that describe UI flows. UI flows are part of a set of integrated specification languages for use case driven requirements analysis. Here, statecharts feature prose like expressions, image hovers for associated screenshots, stereotyped states and integration into generated documentation in various formats (pfd, doc, html etc.).

Human Machine Interfaces

pageflow Example of a domain specific statechart for the HMI domain. Yakindu Statechart Tools is used to develop sophisticated Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). It supports the complete development process from prototype to specification to implementation and integrates with different front end technologies.

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itemis offers tools and products as open source software. As such freely available open-source solutions do not cover all needs of the user, itemis offers its customers individual solutions based on Yakindu Statechart Tools. If you are interested in domain specific statecharts feel free to contact us.

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